Recent additions • 20 Feb 2013

Flask behind nginx

Go web scale with Flask, gunicorn, nginx and supervisor! Read more.

Webapp: 'Learn the flowers'

A website for testing your knowledge about flowers, using multiple choice. The source code is available, as are the talk notes, but those are in Dutch. The dutch version of the website can be found at www.leer-de-bloemen.nl.

Pastebin abused

Nefarious things happening on pastebin.com, like warez trading and keylogging activities. Read more.

Risky: A software archaeology discovery • 18 mar 2011

While wasting time with Google I discovered a game I created 23 years ago and I had totally forgotten about. But when I resurrected it in an emulator, and even discovered the source in the basement, many memories came back.

BijbelViewer• 15 feb 2011

Weekend project: BijbelViewer, a Windows program which displays four bible texts next to each other. One English bible (King James) and three dutch translations (Staten Vertaling, Lutherse and Leidense). The program is quite minimal.

MongoDB is web scale • 4 jan 2011

Today I transcribed a funny Relational vs.NoSQL database movie. It's at MongoDB is web scale.

Landing sites web application • 3 aug 2010

Currently I worked on landing sites for Learnit. It's a work in progress, but it's up already, you could try cursus-php-amsterdam.nl, cursus-photoshop-utrecht.nl, and training-excel-groningen.nl.

To save time and work smarter, I use frameworks like CherryPy and 960 Grid System. Also thrown in the mix is memcached and python bindings, for fast pageviews, and oursql to interface with MySQL.


Project Gutenberg eBooks • 12 jul 2010

I added a new article about downloading and processing Project Gutenberg ebooks, for optimal usage on my eBook reader.

Project Gutenberg logo

Personal Website • 17 may 2010

Last weeks I've been working a bit on creating a new personal website. The old one was pretty prehistoric (last updated in 2004!) and was unmaintainable. This is the first version of the new, dynamic website, which will allow me to add new material very easily, without worrying about integration into the bigger whole - the script will take care of that. It has been in development a few months on my development PC at home, and I decided to put it online and not procrastinate any longer with it.

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