Configuring my Vortex Race 3 keyboard • 10 Feb 2018

Vortex Race 3 mechanical keyboard

Recently I bought a few Vortex Race 3 mechanical keyboards, with the following key types:

I bought these keyboards because they're small and their keys are reproprammable. For convenience, I prefer this keyboard layout of modifier keys, and I'd like to use this layout without having to rearrange the keyboard layout in the operating system of the computers I'm using:

Layout of Command, Alt and Control keys

Since the default layer of the keyboard is not programmable, I must switch to the first layer. The keyboard lights up a red LED when the first layer is active. This annoys me, so I put a small paper on it so that it is covered:

Paper dimming the keyboard LED somewhat


These are the steps I use to program the keyboard to my taste:

First, replace the keycaps from the default "[Ctrl][Windows][Alt][Spacebar]" to "[Windows][Alt][Ctrl][Spacebar]". Then, execute the following keypresses to remap the keys:

Fn + right Shiftactivate first (programmable) layer, red LED lights up
Fn + right Controlenter program mode, blue LED lights up
left Controlthe key to modify (destination)
right Controlthe desired function (source)
Pncomplete programming step
left Altdst
right Altsrc
left Windows/Commanddst
right Controlsrc
Fn + right Controlexit program mode

The keyboard will automatically exit program mode if you don't press a key for 15 seconds.

A nice thing is that the keyboard remembers which layer is selected, even if the computer is turned off, so you only have to select the layer once.


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