OMG! The smallest eBook reader! • 5 Jun 2010

Photoframe eBook reader

Actually, it's a keychain photo frame I found at the MediaMarkt for a few euros. It comes with a horrible proprietary photo uploading application (of course, Microsoft Windows only), and can't be accessed as a standard USB mass storage device. Nevertheless, it was good fun writing an small Python program for it so that I can use it as an eBook reader.

I give the code without further explanation. The comments should suffice.

# This program uses PIL, the Python Image Library. # See http://www.pythonware.com/library/pil/handbook/ import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw # The USB picture frame can display 128x128 pixels. dstw = 128 dsth = 128 # A small left margin, and a vertical compression offset # to squeeze more text on the small display. margx = 2 compressy = -3 # Read the source text (downloaded by my Gutenberg scraper) txt = open("pictureframeebook-27961-8.txt").read() # Split a text into words, spaces and newlines. def tokenize(s): word = "" for c in s: if c in (" ","\n"): yield word yield c word = "" else: word += c yield word # Save the current image and create a blank one. def nextpage(image,pagenr): fn = "pictureframebook-%03d.jpg" % pagenr image.save(fn) print fn pagenr += 1 image = Image.new("L", (dstw, dsth), 255) draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image) return image, draw, pagenr # Grayscale images will do image = Image.new("L", (dstw, dsth), 255) draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image) # Yeah, yeah, I know. http://bancomicsans.com/ # But it's still my favourite font ;-) font = ImageFont.truetype("/usr/home/user/fonts/comic.ttf", 11) x, y = margx, 0 pagenr = 1 spacew, spaceh = font.getsize(" ") # Distribute all words over pages. for word in tokenize(txt): if word == "\n": # End of paragraph. Start at the left margin again. if x > margx: y += h + compressy if y >= dsth - h + compressy: # Possibly go to next page, if this one is full. image, draw, pagenr = nextpage(image, pagenr) x, y = margx, 0 x = margx word = "" w, h = font.getsize(word) if x + w > dstw: # The word doesn't fit on this line, go to next line. x = margx y += h + compressy if y >= dsth - h + compressy: # End of page, go to next page. image, draw, pagenr = nextpage(image, pagenr) x, y = margx, 0 draw.text((x-spacew, y), " " + word, font=font) x += w # Don't forget to save the last page ;-) image, pagenr = nextpage(image, pagenr)


burt-B • 7 Jun 2010

Comic takes a lot of pixels. You can find more efficient fonts than that (look at the font that is used to display notes on the iPod nano, for example)

jon • 25 Apr 2011

there is a font called Adobe-Dialog-Small which takes even lesser room, why dont you try that??

zaq • 29 May 2011

Try ProFont http://www.tobias-jung.de/seekingprofont/

frizzell9 • 7 Sep 2014

Hey. Are you still around on this page? I've got a genius epiphany for this thing. if ya are, email me at downatthedoubled@gmail.com

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