Web window decoration cosmetic error

When you go into 'Control Center', 'Appearance and themes', 'Windows Decorations', and then choose the 'Web' decoration, it looks like this:

So far so good. But now if you switch to the 'Buttons' tab and remove the 'Menu' button from the titlebar, it looks like this:

Note that the titlebar color spills over the black window outline in the upper left corner of the preview. What we really wanted to see is:

Luckily this small cosmetic off-by-one error can be corrected by adding '+1' in the calculation of the titlebar dimensions:

  in kwin/clients/web/Web.cpp:
  	  QRect titleRect = QRect(r_x+titleEdgeLeft+buttonsLeftWidth(), r_y+titleEdgeTop,
  	  QRect titleRect = QRect(r_x+titleEdgeLeft+buttonsLeftWidth()+1, r_y+titleEdgeTop,