Snapper makes it really easy to make screenshots. When Snapper is running, every time you press the 'PrintScreen' button, it will save a JPG image of the screenshot to your harddisk, possibly with some enhancements.

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Snapper is FreeWare by Michiel Overtoom.



Why did I write it?

I wanted some features combined in one utility, like:  

How to use

Put the 'Snapper.exe' program somewhere on your harddisk (it doesn't need other files, just this one). In the future I will make an Install program.

When Snapper is running it will show in the taskbar. Pressing 'PrintScreen' (PrtSc) will capture the screen, after which Snapper writes it to disk. Snapper's application window is divided in three tabs:

Explanation of each page follows below:



'Last snap' page

This tab displays the last screenshot taken, together with any text overlays put over it.



'All snaps' page

Shows a list of all the pictures in the folder you've designated as the folder to store the screenshots.



'Settings' page

The settings are:

an example of the overlay text

an image saved 'half size'



Microsoft Flight Simulator support

the actual location of your aircraft in Flight Simulator

Snapper can interrogate Flight Simulator about the actual position of your aircraft in the world. It uses this position to compare that to an internal database of airfields, and it calculates the distance and bearing to the nearest airfield. That information is pasted onto the screenshot, so you can later see where you took the screenshot, and maybe return there if there was something interesting.

For this to work, Snapper requires FSUIPC to be installed in Flight Simulator. Luckily this program is freeware, you can find it here. Snapper is an 'accredited freeware application', so you don't need to register FSUIPC. Snapper will automatically register itself with FSUIPC without user intervention. (However, should you want to register it manually, it's application key is ZWRB EBTA XTTD).



How Snapper works

Snapper registers itself with Windows as a 'Clipboard application'. When you press the PrintScreen button, Windows takes a screenshot of the current desktop and places it as a picture on the clipboard, then notifies Snapper that the clipboard has changed. Snapper detects that a picture has been placed on the clipboard, and copies it from the clipboard to a private working area. This private working picture is cropped (in case of multiple monitor support enabled), and then Snapper paints the text overlay over the picture, and possibly the location of your aircraft (if you're flying with Flight Simulator at that moment). The next step is optionally shrinking the image. After all this processing is done, the image is saved as a JPG file, and a copy is placed on the 'Last snap' page.

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Things to do

Many people gave me suggestions and feedback for the program. Thanks to Cory Dennert, Bill "Wild Doktor" Hagen, Marcel van Tol, Scott Gray, Rick Abshier, John Cifuentes, Claudio Carbone, David Wilson-Okamura, Luca, Nicholas, and many others.
Of course, these things should all be optional:
- Better multi-monitor support. Snapper's Crop feature is at the moment only useful for snaps from the leftmost monitor. Use a dropdown to select which monitor should be screenshotted.
- An 'install' package. People are used to it.
- Bicubic quality resize to arbitrairy size
- Dateformat in filename more sortable (YYYY.MM.DD instead of month as string)
- User configurable Logo overlay
- Single clicks (instead of the double clicks) to enlarge/view a picture.
- Option to start Snapper trayminimized.
- Website address in welcome screen.
- A facility to change typeface, size and color of the overlay and location of the texts on the screenshot.
- Using the location data as the filename.
- Using EXIF embedded information in JPGs.
- Option to pop up a dialog after taking a screenshot for modifying filenames etc.. (handy for preparing presentations, and meaningful filenames)
- Option to put additional FS info on the shot (or in an info field): FS time, flightplan, airplane, etc..
- Optionally automatically start when Windows starts (ugh!)
- Grayscaling
- Automatically delete screenshots when the program is unloaded.
- Upper limit for size of JPG files. AVSim requires <125 kilobyte pics
- Saving other formats besides JPG (for example, BMP, PNG)
- After making a snap place the filename immediately on the clipboard
- Replace the 'All Snaps' listbox with a listview with sortable columns filename, date, pixel size, file size etc...
- Delete functionality, multiple selectable filenames



Questions, suggestions

Snapper is freeware, written by Michiel Overtoom. Mail questions and suggestions to